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Fashion Model and Actress are only two of the hats this bubbly fashion forward woman wears. Originally from Princeville, IL and living in Nebraska, Jerra’s career has been built over decades in and around the fashion industry. She started modeling at a young age and has turned her passion into a beautiful artwork of a career. She is an accomplished business woman that manages her own career in Fashion, Media, and Acting. As a business woman,  Ms. Whittaker has enjoyed building several businesses and currently is in the process of building a ground transportation company. She is busy and to say she is all business in an understatement. Before anything Jerra is a parent of 3 men of whom she admires greatly. Family life comes first and time spent with her children is never ignored.

     As a child she grew up in rural Princeville, Illinois, and the fashion industry was always on her mind. However from a small town it all seemed so distant to her. Jerra worked throughout the years picking up modeling jobs and spent eight years in the United States Air Force. During her eight years she was featured several times by Airman Magazine and The Air Force Times.  Jerra received numerous awards and medals during her career in the military including a supersonic ride in a F-16 fighter aircraft. While serving her country she deployed several times and received her Honorable Discharge. After her amazing career she joined the private corporate aviation sector and worked with companies such as Gulfstream Aerospace,  Learjet, and Steven’s Aviation before building her own company. Jerra is a true entrepreneur and was featured by NBAA for her outstanding safety record and many years in corporate aviation management.

     Feeling the calling of the fashion industry once again,  Jerra  was rediscovered by Melissa Kay Atkinson of Toledo, Ohio. She blindly went to a go-see after driving 12 straight hours from an internal modeling job with a chain fashion company. Atkinson’s house quickly adopted Ms. Whittaker as their model coordinator and top runway model. Jerra’s work in international fashion has lent itself in the wisdom of decades of major designers such as Halston, and Karl Lagerfeld. Lately she enjoys working directly with Atkinson and has once again taken another step. Jerra has been accepted by Atkinson and is being trained in Fashion Design. Jerra is designing and producing all leather purses, satchels, and bags. The do-all fashionista is truly a wealth of talent that works well within any situation.

     In her professional career as a model Jerra has been featured in many print and internet publications. Most recently she covered New York Weekly and has appeared in QP Magazine for Atkinson. The runway is not her only stage and currently she is working on a commercial endorsement for a California based company. Jerra has made professional appearances in New York , Los Angeles, Omaha, Paris, Morocco, and London. Her ability to adapt to any situation gives her the ability to work with any designer at any given time. Jerra has a deep understanding of the design process which blends well with changes in fashion. Her years of experience show through when she effortlessly glides down the runway working a long garment or giving an effortlessly powerful stride with precession tempo making Haute Couture fashion come to life.

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